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Health and Wellness Services

Precise and efficient medical care is a primary concern for people worldwide. With that in mind, we have begun to harness our years of experience as a leader in technology and service for use in the medical technology field. From preventative care to treatment, we are excited to bring Noritsu quality and innovation to these new markets.

Within healthcare, we are focusing our efforts on preventative care, especially high quality testing and early detection, as well as manufacture and development of new technologies internally and with partners. Here are just a few of the projects we are currently working on:

Remote Diagnostic Services

note32.png Currently in operation in Japan, our Remote Diagnosis Support Service is currently receiving great reviews from all over. Hospitals or clinics lacking access to enough radiologists or proper facilities can now remotely request diagnoses of CT, MRI and PET scan images. An operator forwards the requests to a contracted radiologists, who reads the images, compiles a report and sends it back to the requesting hospitals using our quick and easy-to-use infrastructure.

Digital Imaging Center Support Services

note32.png With our background in photo, Noritsu is a perfectly fit for DIC's or Diagnostic Imaging Centers. As a consulting firm, we are well versed operations in internal management, helping hospitals and out-patient centers introduce diagnostic equipment and services with ease.
In addition, Noritsu offers proxy and consignment services for taking over DIC operations that hospitals normally handle themselves.

Medical IT Solutions

note32.png Focusing on imaging and diagnostic related services, Noritsu provides specialized IT support with services for scheduling tests and enhancing efficiency of medical care operations, as well as management of databases for holding diagnostic data.

* All services currently only available in Japan *

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