QSS Software Add-on and Standalone Imaging Applications
AccuSmart Vision

AccuSmart Vision Forensic Video Processing

ASV-Pro is an organized, all in one video enhancement and analysis software suite with auto reporting and project archiving. ASV Pro contains a wide array of high level image processing features in addition to more traditional video editing and processing tools. Once a project is started, it is tracked, improved, and archived, all from start to finish in the same program. ASV-Pro allows the analysis to be done simply and quickly or at a very in depth manner. ASV Standard offers a streamlined interface for use in the field to quickly capture, edit and export video images. Simple corrections can be made using a ring-a-round method for ease of use. The potential customer base includes police departments and government agencies that have video divisions, surveillance companies, distributors of surveillance hardware, and large corporations that have their own surveillance divisions.

Born from an over 15 year relationship with Police Departments in Japan, AccuSmart Vision, or ASV, is a fully functional suite of tools designed for capturing and clarifying video. Harnessing the power of our existing AccuSmart imaging algorithms, ASV has been developed specifically to meet the need of law enforcement and security professionals

ASV has an easy to use interface that allows you to sharpen and clarify shaky or blurry footage, brighten low-light scenes, or pull specific subject or licenses plates from otherwise unusable footage, and much more. Best of all, all of these tools are included in one suite, no need to jump between editing applications or purchase 10 different plug-ins.


arrowright32.png Enlarge and enhance specific areas of a clip using our exclusive Super-Resolution mode

arrowright32.png Easily add titles, markers, or blur boxes which can then be animated automatically using a powerful motion tracking engine

arrowright32.png Record and save your own macros to easily automate common functions

arrowright32.png Support for a wide array of video codecs, with more being added every day

arrowright32.png Tracks all steps performed at every stage of the process, easily create detailed reports to accompany evidence

arrowright32.png Available as a standalone software package, no need to purchase an entire system

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