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QSS-3704-G Photo and Specialty Printer


The QSS-3704-G offers unparalleled speed and quality, producing prints at an amazing 640 dpi using our new solid-state direct modulation laser printing technology. As your customers move to higher and higher resolution cameras, The QSS-3704-G is there, offering the highest quality digital photo prints to match.
With or Noritsu EZ-Controller software, you can now support camera raw image data for easy workflow image capture to printing, and with Noritsu's award winning AccuSmart imaging algorithms, your customers will be amazed by the quality.


arrowright32.png Proprietary AccuSmart image processing technology provides powerful image optimization and correction features that work automatically to produce the highest quality results

arrowright32.png Comes standard with two paper magazines, but can be upgraded to with a Triple or Quadruple magazine system for even more speed and versatility

arrowright32.png Supports multiple network environments and third party front-end imaging applications. Easily fits into most existing lab workflows, or add our EZ-Controller lab management software for even more options

arrowright32.png Blazing fast production at 2117 6x4 or 614 10x8 prints an hour

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